Episode #11: CRO 2023 Wrapped - AI, GA4 and everything else

December 12, 2023

What's this episode about?

While everyone is busy making predictions for next year we wanted to make something that summarizes 2023 in CRO, because a lot did happen that changed how we work on a fundamental level.

The main things we’ll cover are:



Google Optimize vs other AB testing tools

SaaS is out of control & why research is getting harder to do

What we focused on at Koalatative this year

Our experience with participating in an online conference

What’s going on with all of the awards

Summary of 2023 in CRO


Links to things we discussed in this video

A plugin that allows chatgpt to look at websites

Best GA4 reports for CROs

How companies can handle the transition to GA4

How to analyze experiments in GA4 - Expert panel by Convert

Pre and post AB test analysis templates

Ryan’s Experiment Nation Conference talk

Gerda’s Experiment Nation Conference talk

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