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Case study: dedicated vs generic landing pages

Sidekick is a company focused on building the best muscle recovery tools for athletes. The products vary from muscle scrapers for Gua sha massage to vibration rollers that connect to your phone via Bluetooth. On top of that, you can download a wellness app from their website packed with personalizable recovery and…

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How to evaluate and assign urgency to CRO and website tasks

We talk a lot about prioritization frameworks in website optimization. An unprioritized backlog of issues that need to be fixed or tested on a website can start weighing down your team really quickly. Not a lot of priority models have built-in urgency scores, however. I feel like this is because it’s a lot more…

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Mapping out the website flow or how to actually start your CRO project

CRO is no doubt a complex process of different research methods, testing, design, development, and (what seems like) a million other things. Everyone has their own flow in terms of the first steps for a project so this means that when you google “how do I start a CRO project” a lot of articles come up that try to…

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