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Episode #10: Is Google abandoning marketers with GA4?

Google changed its entire analytics platform so it's hard to know where to even click to see the good old bounce rate and how many views your blog page got, let alone something more complicated like analyzing AB test data. Join us for this chat to understand what this change in tooling will actually mean for the digital marketing industry and how less technical marketers can ride out the storm.

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Blog Articles

Digital marketing, conversion optimization, analytics

Instructions for Koalatative test planning + test analysis templates

This article will give you a complete overview of how to get the most value out of the Koalatative test planning + test analysis templates. The purpose for creating these templates was a deep-rooted frustration and an inherent need as it is for most good “products” out there. When you’ve been working with AB tests for…

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How to plan, launch and analyze web user testing

User testing is a useful qualitative research tool and a generally great way of providing valuable insights into how real users interact with a website or product. It helps designers or anyone who works in UX or CRO identify any issues or pain points that customers may encounter, leading to a better overall user…

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Useful GA4 Reports for CROs

If you want to get the most out of your conversion rate optimization (CRO) program then using analytical data is imperative and this is why you need GA4. Now GA4 can be somewhat difficult to navigate compared to its previous version Universal Analytics which has more intuitive default reports to get you started. But…

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