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Episode #11: CRO 2023 Wrapped - AI, GA4 and everything else

While everyone is busy making predictions for next year we wanted to make something that summarizes 2023 in CRO, because a lot did happen that changed how we work on a fundamental level.

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Blog Articles

Digital marketing, conversion optimization, analytics

3 ways to run experiments faster with valid stats

There are some options for reducing your runtimes without sacrificing statistical rigor. It all boils down to asking the right questions, and matching your statistical methodology to the context. There's no free lunch though, and each of these has some assumptions, tradeoffs, and risks, but we'll go into them h...

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How my views on AB testing and experimentation have changed over the past 7 years

As of this moment in 2024, I’ve been working in Conversion Rate Optimization for about 7 years. I recently started thinking about how much my own views on how to do this job in a meaningful way have changed during this period.

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4 tips for analyzing your landing page conversions with GA4

In this article we’ll cover 4 different ways you can make use of GA4 to understand your landing page performance better: analyzing the conversions, the power of filters, traffic sources, and the comparison tool.

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