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Episode #6: How to analyze open-ended customer surveys and why they matter

Doing qualitative customer research like launching surveys and understanding chat logs should be an essential part of any business. Analyzing this data however can be tedious and time-consuming. In episode #6 we talk about the different kinds of surveys and what to keep in mind before launching your survey. We discuss how to actually go about your survey analysis, what we think are the biggest issues with this process and how to solve them.

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A better way to analyze customer surveys

Have you ever coded open-ended responses for a customer survey? It’s a tedious and repetitive process, to say the least. When I first saw how this is done, I immediately thought “there has to be a better way”. If you’re not familiar with how it works, here’s a quick rundown: Copy and paste the responses for a question…

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QA is not the customer's responsibility

I recently got locked out of an account for a service I pay for monthly. The error message told me this: As it doesn’t say what exactly is wrong with my data, I assumed it was the password, which happens more often than I’d like to admit. Naturally, I headed to the “forgot password” page and entered my email. After…

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Your website is terrible

Sure, maybe it looks really nice and has lots of cool animations and scroll effects (that distract the user and stoke the design team's ego). Or maybe it looks like it was designed by Dr. Frankenstein, with new features tacked on by different people over the years and you're thinking about spending a big chunk of cash…

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