Episode #3: What we learned about customer journey optimization in Barcelona

July 14, 2021

What's this episode about?


0:00 Introduction

1:03 Clips from the trip

2:06 Experience with the travel industry during these times of trouble

3:35 Experiencing real-life services as an optimizer

4:44 Analysis of our trip back home

5:28 Consequences of bad travel UX

8:21 Uploading documents to the airline website for verification went wrong

10:57 Figuring out what went wrong with our travel documents

14:54 The story of getting our boarding passes + airport shenanigans

19:20 Conclusion

25:17 Another clip from the trip

In our third episode of the Koalatative Show, we talk about our recent travel experience from Barcelona back to Estonia. As optimizers, we’re always looking at services and experiences through a different lens and like to ask questions on why things are designed the way they are designed. We usually work on digital experiences so this was an interesting case study for us to analyze since we looked at the whole journey from booking a flight to boarding that flight. There are also some travel clips sprinkled in there and our cat Winston joins us for the conversation.


We’re Gerda and Ryan, two Conversion Optimizers who started a company last year. Since we work with websites, it’s only fitting that we create one for our business. When we work on clients’ websites we usually do a lot of research first to find hurdles and come up with solutions that would actually make the website better. In our case, we had to create everything from scratch leaning on our previous experience. We decided to treat this process as an ongoing case study and document our thought process behind it. As experimenters, we’re going to make a ton of changes to this site and try out different solutions all the time so this is just the first crack at it.


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